South Dublin Football League 3 part educational workshop   24/09/2016


As part of our educational programme to all our clubs the S.D.F.L. are holding 3 workshops on the 15th of October. From 2pm to 3pm Regional manager for the F.A.I. Gerry Reardon will host a parent/coach workshop. This is essential education for all adults involved in the game to send out a positive message to the children playing the game to allow them enjoy it in turn developing into a better player.

From 3pm to 5pm our S.D.F.L. recommended physiotherapist Andy Tully will present strength and conditioning workshop.

All attendees will receive a step by step programme for players that can be implemented with club training sessions or at home. The 2 hour session will consist off

Warm Up:

General movement skills over 20m distance:

- Straight Line Running / Lateral Running / Low Skip / High Knees


- Single Leg lifts / Marching Drills / Running drills

- Dynamic Stretching of Lower Extremity / Lower Back & Hips

- Sprinting Drills

 Cool Down:

- Static Stretches / Active Cool Down.


The final part of the session will be carried out by Director of Football Paul Barry who will demonstrate various passing and possession exercises for different age groups

The 3 part workshop is open to all South Dublin football league Managers and coaches. The cost of the 3 workshops will be €10 per coach or €100 per club to allow unlimited amount of coaches from the same club.

Date : Saturday the 15th of October

Time : 2pm – 6pm (Registration 1.30pm)

Location S.D.F.L. HQ, Ballyowen lane, Lucan

All enquiries to be emailed to Director of Football Paul Barry